Frequently asked questions

General questions
¿What is the meeting point of the activity?
The meeting point is detailed in each activity as well as in the confirmation email once the reservation has been made. If you have doubts once at the destination, you can contact the local provider on the phone you will see on the voucher.

Does the airport transfer take us directly to our accommodation?
With private transport, the vehicle shall take you to, or pick you up as close as possible to your accommodation, taking into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle and access to the contracted address.

How will we find our transfer service at the airport?
Occasionally it is not possible for access reasons (narrow or pedestrian streets, private estates, or type / size of vehicle physically not allowing a nearer approach, police requirements, meteorological conditions like snow blocking access to hotel, etc. ) in this case you will be dropped and collected at the nearest available point With shared shuttle services you will be transferred to your accommodation or the nearest pick-up / drop-off point to your accommodation. Once you complete your booking, you will be issued a voucher with full instructions on how to meet your driver and where he/she will be waiting for you. Some airports have reception desks, at other airports the driver will meet in the arrival hall, at other airports you may be requested to go to the coach bays (usually group bookings). Each supplier at each airport has a different set of instructions. These instructions are integrated clearly into your booking voucher and include all details you need to make your transfer hassle free. You will also have 24 hour telephone contacts issued on the voucher in the event that you should still have problems finding your driver.

What is the difference between shared Shuttle and Private transfer?
We offer the following types of transportation: Private hire with driver: These transportation services are provided to the customer and his party according to the individual time and route requirements of the customer. The customer and his party will not travel with any other party. As soon as you have met your driver you will depart for your destination. No waiting for other parties and no additional stops. Shuttle or shared ride: These transportation services are provided to pre-booked customers on vehicles operating on flexible routing and flexible departure times. The customer and his party will travel in a vehicle shared with other customers on a vehicle most convenient to the Supplier.

If our flight is delayed, will the transfer be waiting for us?
Yes, flight arrival times are monitored. If you have problems collecting your luggage or clearing immigrations, please call your supplier or the Customer Care telephone number supplied on your e-mail confirmation of booking. In respect of flight delays, diversions, missed connections when the transport service originates from the airport, the waiting policy is: • Private hire with driver: Flight delays from original scheduled flight time of up to 3 hours are included. With Flight delays over 3 hours you must contact the Supplier to request the vehicle be kept waiting. An additional fee is payable in advance of the transport service. If you do not do this, the service will not be provided. • Shuttle or Shared ride: You will be offered transport on the next available shared service.

How long will our transfer take?
We give an indication of the distance and driving time between transfer points at the moment of booking. This information is supplied as a guidance only and not as commitment. The Supplier retains absolute discretion to choose the actual travel route to your destination, and it may not necessarily be the most direct route or use toll roads.

How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?
The driver will normally wait up to 60 minutes after your flight has landed before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. After this procedure and if there is no sign of the passenger the driver will leave the airport. If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call your supplier to ensure that your driver will wait. You will find your supplier details on your voucher. If you foresee that you will take less time (only hand luggage) or more (reduced mobility, etc) please advise us at the same time you book.

What is the baggage policy for transfers?
Each passenger may carry one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg (maximum combined size of 158cm) and hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg (maximum dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 20cm). Any excess baggage must be declared when you make a service booking request. The vehicle to transport you will be adequate for the number of people travelling and luggage contracted. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking. In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport an excess of undeclared luggage, the passenger will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.

Do you cater for baby seats?
Yes, we can cater for baby seats at certain destinations. Not all destinations have baby seats available. When booking if the supplier and the vehicle type have the possibility to offer baby seats this option will be offered during the booking process. Please note that transfers by mini bus or coach do not travel in a special seat. Baby seat option is only available on Private Transfer services, not Shared Shuttle services. You must tell us if minors are included on your service booking request. You are obliged to use the child car seats provided, but we encourage you to bring your own for your children, as standards vary in different countries.

I want to cancel my booking. How do I proceed?
Accessing your booking on line in the "My Bookings" section you can modify and cancel your booking. When you press Cancel, we receive your cancellation request, and you will be issued an automatic e-mail advising you that we will proceed to cancel your booking in the next two working days. Once your booking has been revised, and the cancellation processed, you will receive a second e-mail confirming your cancellation definitely. If you can't access your booking on line, because there are less than 48 hours prior to the first booked service, please call Customer Care.

I have not received my confirmation e-mail. Can you send it to me?
You may always view your booking and re-print your voucher by login in to My Bookings. Some e-mail may not be received due to anti-spam filters. Please check your mail client and your Internet Service Provider policies (ISP). If you received a booking reference on screen, your booking is confirmed. Failure to receive the receipt e-mail has no bearing on the status of your booking. If the initial (almost immediate) attempt to deliver your receipt e-mail fails, the system will continue to attempt delivery for up to 5 hours. If e-mail cannot be delivered after this time - because the address does not exist, your mailbox is full, or your mail server is not accepting mail or is unreachable - delivery attempts cease. Around 200 e-mail receipts a week go undelivered, largely because of typing errors in the e-mail address supplied. Please enter your e-mail address carefully!

How do I change or cancel a purchase?
In many cases, depending on which product you purchased, you can make a change or cancellation on your own by accessing the "My Bookings" section where you can make changes on-line.

What happens if I can’t find my driver at the airport?
You have full details and telephone number of your supplier on your voucher. Please call your supplier and you will be directed to your driver.

I would like to confirm my transfer
You may view and confirm your transfer at any moment. Simply log on to "My Bookings" with your e-mail and number, and view your booking as it is currently standing with us.

I have walking difficulties, so it may take me a while to come through. Will the driver wait for me?
Yes, the driver will wait. If you foresee an extended delay, please advise us at the time of booking, so we can advise your supplier.

I have lost my luggage; can you collect it for me later?
All the airlines have handling agents. They will organize for any mislaid luggage at the airport to be forwarded to your resort address. Baggage left on board the transport vehicle shall be sent to the address given to us by you in the service booking request and you shall pay any additional charges.

Can I bring a portable disability scooter?
Battery operated wheelchairs and scooters are considered as luggage and normal luggage allowance must be taken into account. When booking your transportation, you will be offered optional extras on private transfers only.

Can I book a shuttle to my private villa?
The transfer suppliers will not operate the shuttle service to a private address, however if you wish to use a hotel near your villa as a drop off point you can do so at your own risk. Alternatively we would suggest you book a private transfer service that will drop you door to door.

I have booked a one way to the airport. How do I find out my pick up time?
It's essential that you reconfirm the details of your departure transfer for your pick up time. If you don't reconfirm your departure transfer, or inform the supplier of any changes to your travel arrangements, you could miss your departure transfer and possibly your flight, ship or train home. We cannot be held responsible for any costs you then incur in making new arrangements to get home. You can log on our website no later than 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure with your booking confirmation number. On the home page please enter your booking reference and your pick up time will display. If you have amended the hotel you are staying in or have had any change to your flight time please telephone the local office to reconfirm the pick-up time/ pick-up point. Alternatively you call the local operator on the office number detailed on your booking confirmation to confirm your pick up time no later than 24 hours before your return flight. Please call within the local office working hours displayed on your voucher. Some offices close at the weekend so you may be required to call on a Friday if you depart during the weekend or on a Monday. If for any reason you cannot reach the local resort office please dial the emergency number for assistance.

How do I know my booking was successful?
When you confirm your booking and payment is taken, your booking reference number will appear on screen with the option to print it before you exit our site. You'll then automatically receive an email booking confirmation which will confirm that payment has been taken and the balance paid in full and details of your transfer. This will also detail instructions about what to do on arrival and how-to reconfirm your return transfer. If for any reason the screen will not refresh please check your email address and your spam folder to see if the booking confirmed before attempting to book again. It is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to avoid duplicate bookings by also checking with your bank to see if any payment has been taken.

Do I need to need to take any paperwork with me when I travel?
It's essential that you take your booking confirmation with you on your transfer. This must be shown to the driver or our representative before you can board your transfer vehicle. In fact, we recommend you take two copies - in some destinations the transport operators have to collect a copy of your booking confirmation as proof of purchase for legal reasons.

Where will I be dropped-off/picked-up from?
Our suppliers endeavour to operate a door to door service however this may not always be possible as access may be restricted due to pedestrian only areas or local road closures, etc. Where these restrictions apply you and your luggage will be dropped and collected from the nearest accessible point.

How can I cancel my booking and what are the costs?
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please do so by visiting our website and clicking on the 'manage reservations' link. You will need to enter your email address and reference number to access the reservation. Cancellation fees only apply if you have booked directly with us. If you have booked with a travel agent, please contact them for more information. Cancellation fees: - Reservations canceled two days before the service date: €1 cancellation fee. - Reservations canceled within the last two days before the service: 100% of the reservation. Please note that in the case of 'No show' the reservation is non-refundable Additionally, the cancellation credit cannot be moved between reservations.

Information for customers about the COVID-19 contingency, continuity and return to normal plan
This document seeks to provide customers with a summary of the system in place to identify, plan, control and oversee operations for correct cleanliness and sanitisation against the COVID- 19 virus (coronavirus) on the various vehicle fleets and premises of MOVENTIA GROUP: https://www.moventis.es/es/covid19