Barcelona Airport Lloret de Mar

Barcelona Airport Lloret de Mar
From Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar
We take you from Barcelona Airport to your hotel/accommodation in Lloret de Mar together with other users on the same coach. How do we do it?
1. We will ask you for a series of information in the form to optimize your route and guarantee your place.
2. As we do not control plane delays and the waiting time for suitcases, for your peace of mind, we do not give you a bus departure time, but you must go to the meeting point described below in your terminal, we will make check in and we will assign you the next expedition, giving you the vehicle number and the exact departure time. (Normally it is immediate departure, although due to external factors such as traffic, there may be a waiting time after check-in).
3. From here, you will have enough time to approach your coach, validate it with our staff and get comfortable inside the vehicle. At all times our staff will be at each point to resolve any questions you may have.

Other information
Destination: We will drop you off at your accommodation (or near) within the city of Lloret de Mar.
Distance: Around 95 km.
Duration of the journey: Approximately one hour, with strategic stops at the destination points to be as agile as possible.
Luggage included: Prepare your belongings for the adventure with a standard suitcase of up to 20 kg, as well as a practical carry-on luggage to keep your most precious items close at hand during the trip. Do you need to carry more luggage than usual? No problem! Our service offers you the flexibility to carry additional luggage, ensuring you have everything you need for your trip. Just make sure you book an extra ticket and provide the necessary details in the comments.
The littlest members of the family are welcome on board, traveling in complete safety and comfort without the need for boosters or special seats.
In the event that your flight is delayed, our team will be ready to provide you with immediate assistance. You will be quickly re-scheduled onto the next available bus, ensuring your journey continues without a hitch. For delays of more than 2 hours, we recommend contacting your airline directly.

From the hotel to Barcelona Airport
48 hours before your flight departure, you must access the following website confirm.from2travel.com to check in. To do this you will need the reservation number given after making the purchase. Next, you will be given the pick-up time and place. You will also receive this information by email. Whenever you have any questions, our call center is available 24/7 to help you.

Landing Terminal 1:

In case of landing in Terminal 1, after collecting your luggage you should go to the Tourism Office located on the right side of the arrival point. There, we will be waiting for you to finish the check-in process of your transfer. 

Landing Terminal 2:

If you land in Terminal 2, go to terminal 2B and search for the check in desk 95-97. In front it will be the guides waiitng for you:;


To cancel a service, you must contact us through email at most 48 hours before the contracted service. It's important to indicate the reference number for the service (example 1661768154-7) that you can find in the confirmation document you previously recieved by email. You also must indicate the holder's name and a phone number. We will call you to clear any question up.


If the notification contains all the correct data, your cancelation will be confirmed in the shortest time possible.

Check in Bus
Check in Bus
Remember, do the Check in Bus 2 days before your service to obtain the time and place of departure.
Only one way
Round trip
One way
Hour flight