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Poble Espanyol is a fascinating tourist destination in Barcelona that offers a unique insight into Spanish architecture and culture. This recreation of a traditional Spanish village features a wide variety of buildings, squares, and streets representing different regions of the country.

During our excursion to Poble Espanyol, participants will be able to enjoy a stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets of the village, explore local craft shops, and marvel at the architecture of the various buildings, ranging from Andalusian-style houses to Renaissance palaces.

Additionally, within Poble Espanyol, we will also find artisan workshops where we can see craftsmen in action, creating beautiful ceramic, glass, and leather pieces. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Fran Daurel Museum, which houses an impressive collection of contemporary Spanish art.

The excursion to Poble Espanyol will be an enriching cultural experience where we can immerse ourselves in the history and traditions of Spain without having to leave Barcelona.

Join us on this exciting adventure and discover the charm of Poble Espanyol!

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